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I will do “it” tomorrow…this is really a lie. Have you spoke or thought these words? Why tomorrow? What is it about tomorrow that we think it will get done then? You know the “it” you have been putting off for a week now, or maybe a month now or even more than a year. We’ve all been distracted by the idea of tomorrow. We don’t see the value and the gift of today. Today takes effort to do exactly what we know should be done but we’d rather be doing something else that we deem more fun. 

I will do “it” tomorrow…but what if someone needs your gifts and talents today. They need that design idea today. They need that charity gift today. Your body needs you to eat right and workout today. 

What do we think tomorrow promises us? No stress, no distractions, no troubles? Why do we think tomorrow offers more time or a better environment than today? Probably because tomorrow is not today yet. It’s not anything yet. So we make it whatever we want it to be.

I’m done with tomorrow’s unrealistic promises that steal from my today. I will do today what is in my ability to do today. I will empty myself out today so that I can give something new tomorrow! 

I’m so grateful the Lord doesn’t say, “You know what, I will give them new mercies tomorrow.” Where would we be if He thought that way? I don’t want to find out. Because I need new mercies TODAY not tomorrow! 

Let’s examine our hearts and choose to do “it” today and let tomorrow have its own day! Let our declaration be “I will do ‘it’ today!” 

What will you do today that has been planned for tomorrow? Write down the “it” you’ve been saying you’ll do tomorrow and put it on your calendar and set a time to do it. Ask yourself what is the barrier for me getting “it” done today?