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She did it again. She squeezed the toothpaste in the middle instead of from the bottom. Why? Why can’t she seem to do it right? The proper way to squeeze the toothpaste is from the bottom. Doesn’t she know that? That’s what I’ve told her many times already. It’s so annoying. This is probably how Garry felt early in our marriage.

Have you been here? Have you been in a toothpaste tug of war with your spouse? Has BATHROOM WORLD WAR THREE ever broke out at your house, as you and your spouse argue about the proper way to dispense the toothpaste for 10-minutes?

If so, you’re not alone. We’ve been there. Early in our marriage, Garry would try to school me on how to do the toothpaste, “Hey beauty, it works best if you squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom like this… and I would roll my eyes.

Why is this such a big deal? Is it really that important where our spouse squeezes the toothpaste? Is life going to end because they did some injustice to the toothpaste? It’s toothpaste! We should be glad that our spouse brushes their teeth.


To nitpick or leave it be? That’s the question. We have a choice every day to nitpick every little thing our spouse does that we think is wrong, or we can choose to not get uptight over every little thing.  We have a choice to wake up each day and get into a 10-minute argument about the toothpaste (or some other silly small thing) that leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Or we can just leave it be.

Twelve and a half years later….we’ve learned to leave it be. We can care less about the proper way to squeeze the toothpaste now. Maybe because we are mature or maybe because somehow we end up using two different toothpaste tubes at times. Or maybe somehow I remember to squeeze from the bottom. Or maybe Garry just squeezes it before he uses it and gives me grace. I’m not sure which one (it is possibly all four). It’s no longer an issue.

Don’t let it be an issue for you either whether it’s the toothpaste, or how they eat their cereal, or how they wash the dishes, or how they dress or whatever it may be. You know what it is. Leave it be.

What is the lesson we can learn from the squeezed toothpaste? Keep calm and don’t stress over the small stuff. It’s not a big deal. Determine to give grace to your spouse and refrain from picking a fight over small things. Accept that your way is not the only way even if you think it’s the best way. What’s really important? Being right or being in unity with your spouse.