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When we don’t walk in our purpose everything is amplified. We’re annoyed by the way the faucet drips. We’re annoyed by our friend’s constant posts about their fabulous life on Facebook. We’re annoyed by the way our co-worker chews their gum. We’re overly annoyed by how our favorite quarterback can’t get a touchdown. These things are very small in comparison to our purpose. But when we are not fulfilling our purpose they become larger and take up more room in our hearts trying to fill the void left by an unfulfilled purpose.

 These small things came in like a realtor and convinced us to buy property on “Purposeless Blvd.” They sold us on the features of comfort, ease, and familiarity. Some of us have been there for years. We try to give excuses and explain why we decided to relocate to this part of town, “I don’t have enough money.” “You know, I don’t know where to start,” or “I won’t be able to make a living doing that.”

All of these excuses boil down to one thing…FEAR!  We could be afraid of the unknown, or afraid that we will look weird to those around us. Or the big one is that we are afraid that we might fail.

I will briefly address each of these with a simple statement…

  1. Fear of the unknown can be demolished by the proper amount of research. We are so used to being advertised to by researchers that we don’t know how to make our own decisions from our own research these days.

  2. Looking weird to people who are not walking in their purpose is okay, it’s actually a good thing. One of two things usually happens: either they follow your example and start to move off of “Purposeless Blvd” or you move out and leave them there. You have to prepare your heart for both because we all have a free will to choose.

  3. Our fear of failure is always self-fulfilled when we don’t even try. So your fear of failure should not outweigh the definite defeat that comes when we don’t even attempt to take steps in our purpose.

We will talk more in depth about these topics later but for now take some time (which we all have an equal amount of) and research, plan, pack and get ready to move off of “Purposeless Blvd.”