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Toothpaste War

Toothpaste War: Has this is ever happened to you?Don’t let the toothpaste bathroom war of ‘you should squeeze from the middle or from the bottom’ come between your marriage. Earlier on in our marriage this was a real BIG problem. We finally grew up and worked out our petty issue with the toothpaste. Now we […]

It’s time to ROAR!

Posted on April 8, 2018 by C.A. Buycks  It’s time to release the ROAR of the Lion of Judah inside of you. It’s time for the sons and daughters to ROAR. It’s time to release the ROAR of the Lion of Judah in your city, your state, your nation, your family, your job, your business, your […]


I will do “it” tomorrow…this is really a lie. Have you spoke or thought these words? Why tomorrow? What is it about tomorrow that we think it will get done then? You know the “it” you have been putting off for a week now, or maybe a month now or even more than a year. We’ve […]

Understanding Your Kingdom Assignment

Posted on June 6, 2017 by C.A. BuycksWhat do Daniel, Esther, and Joseph all have in common? They were vessels of God set apart for a time of preparation (the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration) for kingdom service or work. As we peer into their lives we […]

Marriage Stinks!

“I‘m so sorry Beauty…oooh don’t breathe. That smells foul.” Garry stood there with the “stinky” look. “Garry! Go get the spray!” I stopped breathing out of my nose and breathed through my mouth until Garry returned with the spray.   I’ve teased Garry over the years that I’d invent underwear with a built-in air freshener so […]