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I‘m so sorry Beauty…oooh don’t breathe. That smells foul.” Garry stood there with the “stinky” look.
“Garry! Go get the spray!” I stopped breathing out of my nose and breathed through my mouth until Garry returned with the spray.  
I’ve teased Garry over the years that I’d invent underwear with a built-in air freshener so that when he “passed gas” it would come out smelling like roses. That would be a dream come true! 
Marriage Stinks! Not just from smelly gas, smelly socks, smelly body odors, or bad breath. But from bad attitudes, communication conflicts, possible infidelity, emotional issues, unspoken expectations, unhealthy addictions, misunderstanding or negative situations. 
Marriage stinks…when one spouse loses a job and the finances are tight like a python around its next meal. Or when one spouse spends all the savings without getting agreement first. 
Marriage stinks… when the children are sick or rebelling against your authority. Or when one spouse is dealing with a long-term health issue. 
Over the years, there are various issues that will arise in our marriage that may cause an unpleasant odor.  Just like we use air fresheners in our house or car to keep it fresh. We need the same in our marriage to help freshen it and cause it to smell sweet again.
There are several ways to freshen a stinky marriage. Some ways we’ve used to refresh a stinky marriage are:
1. Go see a marriage counselor or mentor.
2. Pray separate then together. Prayer is essential for us. 
3. Apply the word of God to our situation.
4. Put laughter in our marriage. We make sure to regularly watch our favorite comedians and we don’t to take ourselves too serious. 
5. Get marriage resources (i.e podcasts, marriage DVD, CDs, books, etc…)
6. Go on an inexpensive date or long getaway trip.
The last way to freshen your marriage is by attending a workshop. We’re attending an upcoming free workshop  this Saturday, May 20 called “How to Prevent or Refresh a Funky Marriage. What a fun name for a workshop! This workshop is taught by my in-loves of 38 years Garry and Jackie Buycks Sr. They have a powerful story of refreshing a funky marriage. We encourage you to join us at this free marriage freshener workshop. And also to share this with someone you know who needs this. 
My prayer for a stinky marriage…
Lord, marriage stinks.  ________________(fill-in-the-blank) has caused my marriage to be funky and give off an unpleasant odor. Come as the Great Refresher and refresh my marriage.  Let our marriage give off a sweet aroma to all those we come in contact with through our journey. 
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