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The PB&J Marriage™ show is where we encourage married couples to make their differences delicious.™  Garry and Chavos discuss challenges in marriage and invite seasoned couples to chat about how to make your marriage great. 


Kingdom Peeps is a show featuring citizens of the Kingdom of God who are impacting their sphere influence with the violence. The kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force. If you want to be featured on this show, please email us at and tell us who you are and what are you're doing in your sphere influence for the Kingdom of God. Please put in the subject line, "Be on Kingdom Peeps." We look forward to hearing from you. 


The One Strong Woman (OSW) podcast is a weekly podcast full of inspiring stories, real talk about the issues women face, prayer, resources and tips to help you stand as an everyday Kingdom heroine.

Purpose Pep Talk (PPT) is a daily podcast all about helping you walk in your purpose. Coaches Garry and Chavos have a kick-in-your-purpose approach. Their tone is no nonsense, provoking, motivating, and empowering. Coaches Garry and Chavos are passionate about the topic of purpose and seek to help you put a pep in every purposeful step