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Posted on April 8, 2018 by C.A. Buycks



It's time to release the ROAR of the Lion of Judah inside of you. It’s time for the sons and daughters to ROAR. It's time to release the ROAR of the Lion of Judah in your city, your state, your nation, your family, your job, your business, your school, your writings, your music, your videos, your art, your sphere of influence, your media, your neighborhood. Release the roar of the LION of Judah wherever you go and in whatever you do!

A lion has roared!
Who will not fear?

The Lord God has spoken!
Who can but prophesy?

Amos 3:8

The Lion has roared! 

The Lion of Judah has roared. And he is roaring!
His roar is big and it's loud. 
And its sound reaches the nations all around. 
All who hears his roar know what it means. 
His roar is a war call.

His roar says, "I'm coming."
His roar says, "I'm hungry."
His roar says, "I'm ready for battle."
All who hear the roar must respond either to flee or to obey. 
All who hear the roar must change their ways. 
It's not business as usual. The Lion has roared and He demands your attention. He requires a response to His roar. 
The Lion of Judah is roaring. Watch out enemies and be afraid.  He's unstoppable and doesn't back down to anyone. He roars against your enemies and He will defeat them before you. 

Who will not fear?

“Who's afraid of the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf?” The three little pigs declare, "No one."
This is not the time for a little nursery rhyme nor is it story time.
The Lion has roared and I hear a new song "Who's afraid of the mighty terrible Lion, the mighty terrible Lion, the MIGHTY TERRIBLE LION?” The nations declare, "Everyone."

Aslan roared and an entire army froze in their tracks with fear like a water drop in the middle of winter. 
Who’d dare stand up against the Lion? 

Who’d dare say I'm not afraid?
Who’d dare not walk in the fear of the Lord when the Lion of Judah has roared?
Will fear itself not fear when the Lion has roared?

Will not the enemies that have bullied and taunted you for years not be afraid to ever taunt and bully you again? 
Is not the King's wrath like a roaring lion?
Is not the wrath of the King like a roaring lion? “Whoever provokes him to anger sins against his own life” (Proverbs 20:2). The King of kings is angry and the life of our enemy is in jeopardy.

The wrath of the Lion of Judah is being released upon our adversary. The Lion has seen the attacks and heard the accusations and He's had ENOUGH! He has ROARED and the battle has begun and the King has already won.

It's time to be bold as a Lion and follow the Lion of Judah. 
It's time to be bold like a lion and not turn away from any. 
It's time to be bold like a lion and walk in fearless confidence in your calling. 

The Lord has spoken! 

Do you hear what the Lord says?
Do you hear what the King proclaims? 
Samuel, Samuel, hear the voice of the Lord speaking to you. 
No, it's not man calling 
No, it's not man speaking,
But it is the Lord.

He’s looking for the response of “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.”
Quiet yourself like a student in a classroom and hear the voice of your teacher, Rabbi Jesus.
Open your ears and hear your good shepherd speaking to you. 
Obey what He says to you and do what He’s asking you to do.
Say not that, “I can't hear or that the Lord doesn't speak to me.” For surely He has spoken.
Call to your memory like a computer and remember what He’s spoken to you.
Don't discount how He counts you capable of hearing His voice. 
Honor the voice of Lord and the various ways in which He speaks to you. For some of you haven’t honored the language of heaven in your life. When you start to honor the language of heaven it will increase in you. 
You now must speak out what he has spoken to you in private.

Who can but prophesy?

You have been muzzled long enough You have been silent long enough. You have been quieted within by the spirit of religion and by your own fears. I am about to ROAR says the Lord. It’s time for you to ROAR and declare and speak.

You can't keep silent like a silent motion film.
You can't keep quiet.
You can't keep still.

Daughter ROAR! Son ROAR! For I, the Lion of Judah live and abide on the inside of you and when I ROAR through you I will destroy your enemies. Lift up your voice like a trumpet in this hour. Don’t cover your mouth. Don’t chew up your words. Don’t hold your peace But SPEAK. Speak what I tell you to speak. ROAR when I tell you to ROAR. When you roar you will prevail against your enemies. When you roar, you and those around you will walk in a greater level of freedom. When you roar you will release the protection of the Lord in your life and over your family.

Because the Lord has spoken, his people must decree and declare to the nations.
The nations are seeking the voice of Lord.
The nations want to know what is to come.
The nations must know what the heart and mind of the Lord is for them.

Will you tell them?
Will you prophesy as a son and a daughter? 
Will lift up your voice like a trumpet and ROAR and release a mighty battle cry? 
It’s time to release the ROAR of the LION of Judah!

Let’s ask the Lord…

O Mighty Terrible Lion of Judah release Your ROAR over the nations. Release Your ROAR through us Your sons and daughters. We will declare we're bold as a lion and fearless confidence is our name. We will lift up our voices like a trumpet and cry aloud and spare not. Make your Bride's voice be heard loud and clear. Anoint her voice to go out with authority, power, conviction and boldness. We break our friendship with silence and timidity. We unfriend apathy and fully embrace the nature of the Lion of Judah in this season! ROAR Lion, ROAR! Defeat our enemies before us and gives us the VICTORY!